This release continues our tradition of small incremental improvements bringing new versions of several important packages, and bug fixes to the Fuduntu Linux distribution. About the best we can do is test it on one of my desktops where it seems to work fine. This release continues our tradition of small incremental improvements bringing new versions of several important packages and bug fixes to the Fuduntu Linux distribution. This version brings minor changes to the OS defaults, and fixes a few bugs. Why not add it to the spins department? Others reading into it have though. I had a problem with software update after the initial boot.

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This release brings many changes and improvements to the Fuduntu Linux distribution over previous Fuduntu releases. That is fine looks promising.

Introducing Fuduntu [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

I’m afraid there is no PowerPC hardware available to support maintaining a port. I will reinstall again this week and see about getting the wireless working, I doubt it will be incredibly difficult, I have the linux drivers here so I will try a simple make and install.

The atk look a bit awkward on my laptop x but that’s nothing major. I do not think anyone will care about the name from Canonical.

Review: Installation and first Look: Fuduntu – It’s A Binary World

Apart from what I just stated, I think it’s a great distro. I’ll follow this project. As we are atii rolling release distribution with quarterly snapshots, you should expect four roll-up releases this year. The Release Candidate is functionally identical to what we hope to release as Stable.


Others report significant improvements on other models. The developers chose the name Fuduntu because the distro is designed to fit “somewhere in between Fedora and Ubuntu”according to its developers.

In case where multiple versions of a package are shipped with a distribution, only the default version appears in the table. I’ll gladly blog it if you upload them, but I wouldn’t put the effort into it unless you really wanted too. Keep up the good work. What fjduntu types of codecs are there? If I can figure out why Fedora 14 and any other distro with kernel 2.

Today we are officially ffuduntu, and are now an independent distribution. I am still downloading the bit version, very slow download So is it safe to say that It fudunyu available from SourceForge, or torrent.

Need a bit of support with installation. What will happen as more and more things move exclusively to gtk3? I’m currently running LXDE mint 12, but getting annoyed with the power management in it, or lack there of and the fact that my function keys don’t work in it.

Fuduntu Linux

Cheers, Bram We are a little behind with Aurora, but if you have seen the blog and the screenshots of the installer it’s a really good sign of things to come. Forcing cache write expiration with the deadline scheduler is good for SSDs, and hard drives when on battery as it can reduce wake-ups a big power draw on a battery.


I need assistance with uploading torrents Wayland, Xorg and Mir. It also seems to ship codecs which is problematic to say the least, right now they likely get away with it on account of being a tiny project with no real impact.

Not ranked Fuduntu, originally Fedora-based, but later forked, is a Linux distribution that earns its name by its ambition to fit somewhere in-between Fedora and Ubuntu. The apparent lack of realization that FUDuntu might make people think of something other than what is intended is worse than the name iPad. On top of this add the fact that Fuduntu itself is a combination of two other Linuxes Ubuntu and Fedora which makes it a very usable Linux with the best of both Linuxes, best of two worlds.

I started a thread at Fedora Forum for Fuduntu, thanks for the idea. The Apache web server is listed as “httpd” and the Linux kernel is listed as “linux”. I like so far!