The USB drive then appears to be invisible. It would seem from your report which is the only one I have so far seen of a user trying such a card under El Capitan that Apple have unfortunately crippled support for these cards compared to Yosemite. In the Windows environment, you can do this with an INF file. Both are available through the links at the end of this tutorial. If this is the case, Windows will install that driver first.

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After an installation period Windows should indicate that has successfully installed your device. Instead of asking for a passwort a message box can be shown which the user must answer before using a drive New: Search function in UsbDriveInfo V5. If required, read at Wikipedia how INI files work.

We have had several reports from customers using our instruments that their computers blue screens when plugging in the instrument in the USB socket of the computer after they have updated to version After reading this devics, you should be able to install a USB device and use NI-VISA to communicate with that device, as long as you understand the deivce communication protocol.


Canon DC22 @

This tutorial assumes you are using Windows 7. EventLog can be written to the LogFile instead V5. We have an identical problem.

You may follow the steps in this forum article made by Andre Da Costa on how to upgrade Windows 10 manually. Double-click the device to open the properties. Each type of pipe transfers a different type of information.

DC22 – M & L Company

This is hidden in the normal view. AutoDismout tray icon can be shown in Remote Desktop sessions New: If some person explain mi how to devuce this update in this web I will put it. How satisfied are you with this response? If you registered already, just login using your account credentials.

Some USB devices have multiple interfaces. The software is fully functional and does not expire.

USB Instrument Control Tutorial

Unwanted EventLog items can be deactivated V5. The driver was created completely by template on technet: Write down the characters for your device, close the Device Manager, and unplug the device from the computer. No special setup is required.

After all communication is complete, the VISA session is closed. So I was wondering if: Starting with version 3. Maybe Apple will then ‘fix’ this problem.

The following prompt shown in Figure 4 will recommend you to connect your USB device. If anyone would be able to help me out, I’d be eternally grateful: Once you’ve clicked on this device, you should see the other fields in the window populate with information about your device.


I found a really nice workaround devcie solve my problem Devoce send the card back I suppose. Apple’s Yosemite driver while it does enable these cards at least to work from a basic point of view is not fully USB3.

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If you completely uninstall the driver that came deevice DC22 device and allow the system to load the standard “Microsoft Windows Mobile Remote Adapter” driver, there is no error when connecting DC22 to the PC.

The INF file is created in the directory you specified in the output file directory field in the previous window.

On the first screen, select Browse my computer for driver software.