Doesn’t it look strange that a 2 billion transistor chip fx is a tad slower than a 0. There are obvious implications from a performance standpoint, but we’ll get to those shortly. After numerous months of playing with AMD fx overclocking and gaming included: Bulldozer is hobbled by many different problems, and the lack of tuning is probably the major reason why it happened. Reviews here are legit that is a little late personally at this stage I think we the consumer need to make it VERY CLEAR to AMD that son is disappoint and they need to step it up or step out AMD kept a fairly tight lid on bulldozer probably because they knew they where not gonna be able to keep up with there hype and it backfired Hopefully just a race condition that can be fixed with by inserting a couple of idle microcode cycles during interrupt system hand off synchronization, with no real performance degradation. Home Reviews News Forums.

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Everything about the Bulldozer points to AMD migrating slowly from client to server.

The Bulldozer Review: AMD FX-8150 Tested

Main types of grid-based clock distribution networks. I run all my games at P.

Now, what is happening here? As the RCM technology aims at reducing the power consumption of clock distribution networks, first we provide a brief overview about them.


October 19, at 1: Latest posts by Charlie Fog see all.

AMD Bulldozer, can it get even worse? | Scali’s OpenBlog™

Hi ive experienced this issue not only on Shogun 2but also on Deus-ex human revolution and dawn of war 2 retribution and its seems all amd games! I don’t anyone who plays Lost Planet 2. April 25, at All this nonsense about compilers and Windows 8 unleashing the true power of Bulldozer. Piledrivdr not use the stock fan to overclock, it is a disaster.

bulldozeg Older Linux systems, and Microsoft Windows systems, may show different results, due to differences in task scheduling between the different operating system versions.

That just opens the door for all the other things the new revisions fixed!!!! They also replaced the buggy Pentiums free of charge back in the day.

Trinity (Piledriver) Integer/FP Performance Higher Than Bulldozer, Clock-for-Clock | TechPowerUp

Piledriver will use the exact same platform as Bulldozer, I. Multi-threading is the thing of the past, “Multi-Core” functionality is soon to rise. RCM was implemented by using on-chip spiral inductors. The clock system operates in two modes: Owners of standard AM3 motherboards may be out of luck, although motherboard manufacturers can choose to certify their boards for use with Bulldozer if they wish to do so.

Nick89 Oct 14, Is it really going to last piledrvier than Bulldozer? My on a Gigabyte GA ud3 does everything flawlessly except play those three damn games. It is also an error that I have never seen myself, during all the years of overclocking, dealing with unstable memoryvoltage and whatnot… So Bulldozer is starting to look more and more like Barcelona: January 19, at 9: S A Part I can be found here.


January 25, at 8: The BSOD mentioned above is not random and is not from pushing the processor. When any company makes a new architecture, they peer in to the crystal ball, and come up with possible workloads for many different scenarios.

Joined Jul 2, Messages 24, 5. We’ll have to see if that sentiment persists thru to when Ivy Bridge comes out.

In any case, the number of CPU cycles that can be simulated for a complete core, much less a complete chip, are shockingly small. October 12, Which is really what piledrivdr who do things like encoding, rendering, and gaming mostly care about. The interrupt handling can get messed up at times.

October 20, at 9: